Disparate Treatment and Adverse Impact

The staffing process involves generating a pool of qualified candidates for a particular job (recruitment) and deciding which of the applicants to hire (selection). The staffing process can occur with external as well as internal candidates. With internal candidates, the terms “promoting from within,” “career ladders,” and “succession planning” are frequently used.

Whether selecting from internal or external candidates, industrial organization (I/O) professionals must be aware of unintended, potentially illegal effects on groups of individuals who are not recruited or selected.

Using the Argosy University online library resources, research the topics of employee recruitment, disparate treatment, and adverse impact. Choose a recent (within the past five years) scholarly, peer-reviewed article related to these topics.

In your response:

· Describe the article.

o  What was the main purpose?

o  What were the key ideas and information included?

o  What conclusions and areas for further research were suggested?

· Analyze the effect of disparate treatment and adverse impact on the recruitment process.

· Justify three best-practice guidelines to help ensure that disparate treatment and adverse impact are avoided in recruitment activities.

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