Prepare a brief response to: What role enhancing experiences have you experienced thus far? What additional experiences are essential for further development? What is your hope for this course?

Course is for nurse practicioner


Example for other student

What role enhancing experience have you experienced thus far?

Having to research on various topics has been the best experience I have ever had since I enrolled on the FNP program. Research has helped me understand things and seem them from a different perspective. In addition, having to share this research with other students has always enabled me to see a topic from a different angle. I feel that I would apply the same concept at my workplace, whereby I share my professional opinions as well as my understanding of a certain condition or problem.

What additional experience are essential for further development?

An additional experience that I feel is essential for further development is learning and application of nursing theories. Nursing theories helps create more nursing knowledge and can be used as guiding principle for nursing practice in general. Nursing theory should not be dismissed while discussing nursing, I found it inspiring and giving direction to practice of nursing and more particularly to Family Practice Nursing. For example, Dr. Jean Watson caring model which sees nursing as a combination of scientific knowledge with humanistic aspects such as spirit, mind and body.

What is your hope for this course?

My hope in this course is for me to gain more knowledge which will allow me to offer even better health care. I feel that this course is more narrowed down to the Family Practice Nursing and as such, it will help me gain more knowledge to help my patients in diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases. I will also be able to obtain the necessary skills for interpreting and obtaining information from laboratory data, caregivers and patients in order to ensure optimal care delivery.

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