Developmental Issues in Middle Adulthood

Individuals in middle adulthood experience both gains and losses in  physical, cognitive, and psychosocial functioning. Middle adulthood can  be a very positive experience. On the other hand, developmental issues  associated with middle adulthood can be stressful. Understanding  stressors experienced during middle adulthood is the key to effectively  serving this age group.


Research evidence suggests that the midlife crisis is not a typical  aspect of development. However, most people can provide anecdotal  evidence of someone who has experienced such a crisis. Review the  professional literature—articles from peer-reviewed journals and  relevant textbooks—and answer the following questions:

  • What stressors during middle adulthood might contribute to such a crisis?
  • How might an individual’s multicultural identities affect the stressors experienced during middle adulthood?
  • What types of preventative or protective behaviors could prevent the individual from experiencing a developmental crisis?
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