Current Issues For Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Prepare a 1,400-word paper using the findings from the Regulated Scope of Practice Learning Team assignment to guide you in addressing the questions below: The 2 states used in learning team are Arizona and south Carolina. Please paper based on those 2 states only. Paper needs to address questions below. All questions Needs to be addressed in the paper.

1.How do the state-specific regulations impact NPs?

2. What regulatory barriers continue to exist for NPs in each state?

3. Where has progress been made, if any?

4. What remains to be done?

5. Explain the four different roles of the advance practice registered nurse: nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife, clinical nurse specialist, and the certified registered nurse anesthetist.

6. What professional opportunities are available to develop interprofessional relationships within advanced practice nursing?

7. Describe at least one ethical issue that may be faced by an NP. Explain how you as an NP would address the issue.

8. Describe concepts of profession and professionalism as they pertain to the APRN. What is different as an RN for a profession and professionalism as compared to an APN?

9. Analyze historical factors contributing to the development of advanced practice nursing roles.

10. What has happened over time that has made APRNs what they are today?

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