Cultural Globalization

1.While the sovereign state remains an important concept in law and politics, some argue that globalization challenges the notion of state sovereignty. Evaluate this claim. How does globalization affect the ability of states to control and direct their own affairs? Are the changes brought about by globalization to be welcomed or to be feared?

2.Examine and evaluate a specific International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO). What kind of role does the organization play with respect to particular global issues? How does the mandate of the organization guide its action and behaviour? Does its mandate have an ideological dimension? Evaluate the INGO’s actions and policies in the context of contemporary global politics.

3.Discuss the idea of economic and/or cultural globalization. Is this something that we, as citizens, ought to be apprehensive about or possibly, something that we ought to welcome? Explain your view by making reference to some specific examples.

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