Conspicuous Problems on Welfare

   The government spends billions of dollars on national welfare. In essence, this wasted money encourages unemployment, drugs, and rampant sex throughout our society. After all, as long as an American is out of a job, he or she has the opportunity to receive our tax money without raising a finger.
The government provides welfare recipients with several enticing incentives for their “hard-earned” money. For example, the more children they bear, the more money they receive. Therefore, there”s certainly no reason to alter their social activities. Also, if they have a severe heroin addiction, the government supplies them with methadone, an equally debilitating and addictive drug, free of charge. So, if you”re having a hard time holding down that nine-to-five job, don”t worry – just quit, and each month, you will receive a check in the mail from your caring government. And better yet, as long as you stay out of work, the money will keep coming.
Although this all sounds great, the government has recently discovered several problems in the system. For some reason, Americans are becoming dependent on this money and are not seeking jobs because they already get paid for doing nothing. This system perpetuates laziness and reliance on others. People lose their self-respect, self-esteem, and confidence. The system is like an addictive drug, gradually ensnaring its victim in a trap where he or she is programmed to be useless. Once they are in the trap, it is almost impossible to pull them out, because, if they make any effort in a positive direction, they risk losing their government “benefits.” Therefore, this system promotes unemployment and demoralized recipients.
The only solution for these conspicuous problems will be to abolish welfare altogether. After all, our nation”s motto is “In God We Trust,” not “In the government we trust.

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