Compare And Contrast Interviews To Non interview Employee Selection Assessments

As a selection strategy, interviews are intended to gauge future performance on the basis of oral responses, demeanor, body language, and so on. Interviews can be of different kinds, depending on the purpose. For example, interviews can be structured or situational. While interviews are a critical part of the selection process, and probably the most widely recognized, other assessment tests are also an important part of attempting to predict the future job performance and capabilities of candidates. Assessments can be considered a more objective measure than interviews and can be developed to precisely assess specific skills and competencies.


Write a 5- to 7-page paper that compares and contrasts interviews to noninterview employee selection assessments. In your paper, make sure you include a discussion of the following points:

Section 1: Non interview Assessments

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of relying on testing as the sole method of selection.
  • Identify two assessment tests and briefly summarize their structure and design and provide an example of a typical item for this type of test. Make sure to explain how the test is designed to assess a candidate’s prospects for a particular position and an example of content.
  • Evaluate the two tests and discuss factors that contribute to the appropriate use of a particular test for a particular situation. Why might a test not be the most effective choice?

Section 2: Selection Interviews

  • Select a pair of interview types from the list of three pairs provided below. Research and describe those two types and explain when their use would be most appropriate.
  • Behavioral versus situational
  • Panel versus individual
  • Structured versus unstructured
  • Compare and contrast the two types, exploring their advantages and disadvantages, as well as their use. Provide 5 questions for each type of interview you choose.

Section 3: Interviews vs. Non interview Assessments

  • Based on your research, compare and contrast interviews versus noninterviews in terms of efficacy in meeting organizational objectives.
  • Identify any areas of susceptibility to adverse impact in the assessment tests or interviews.
  • Analyze how the selection process can be enhanced by combining assessment tests with interviews.


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