Case Studies

Public health officials and communities are responsible for investigating infectious disease cases, as well as making sure they control the spread of the disease within the community. Their ultimate goal is to reduce and prevent future occurrences.

For the Unit V Case Study, respond to the following.

  • Describe an infectious disease in your community and how it is transmitted.
  • Discuss two public health programs or interventions in your community that were created to reduce the spread of the infectious disease identified.
  • Explain if these programs have been successful in the community. What would you change or add to improve the intervention programs?

Our communities are constantly faced with health crisis due to the increasing burden of chronic disease. Underlying these conditions are substantial health risk factors, such poor nutrition, alcohol abuse, tobaccos exposure and use, and physical inactivity. Engaging the community in healthier behaviors would greatly reduce the risk for chronic disease and death.

case study 2

For the Unit VI Case Study, complete the following.

  • Describe two chronic diseases that have plagued your community.
  • How do public health officials handle the chronic diseases? Provide examples of interventions and programs.
  • What can you, as a public health official, suggest to improve the interventions or programs?
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