Asthma and air pollution

My part is only about methodology (like causes and more) of asthma and air pollution, 2 pages long and must be in APA format, including in-text citations and reference list, excluding title page and abstract (general orientation on APA format.

PAGE ONE: Title page will have title, name, and NU affiliation. (2 points)

  • PAGE TWO: Abstract and Key Words will provide an overview of what you determined within your paper within      200-250 words, and have 5-7 keywords at the end of the abstract (10 points)
    • Introduction to the topic of choice (one to two paragraphs). (12 points)
    • Methods and Discussion section including the methods you used for your literature view and all applicable research information. (30 points)
    • Conclusion- summary of ove
    • rall research, quality, and potential recommendations you would (or would not) make regarding your environmental health topic. (10       points)
  • PAGE      SEVEN: Reference page (include at least 10 references primarily from peer-reviewed journals). (15 points)
  • Quality of work: APA formatting, grammar, structure, effort, overall professionalism of paper. (15 points)
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