Assignment- psychology

Answer each one of following questions in separate paragraph by reading our textbook.

  1. What is science? Describe Aristotle’s ideas about science (4).
  2. Provide a brief review of the scientific method (4).
  3. List and then explain the four ways in general to differentiate the terms “qualitative” and “quantitative” research from the document reviewed in class (8).
  4.  Share your preference: is there a research paradigm that works best for you? Describe the differing paradigms and share which one you prefer, or why you like both. Please explain your preference (6).
  5. Contrast quantitative methods with qualitative methods using key terms (4).

Use APA citation style

Exam #1 Essays (Griggs): one essay to complete. Worth up to 26 points. Answer in complete sentences and academic paragraphs (min. 8 sentences). Use your own words (UYOW) to complete essays in a minimum of two typed pages;10% deduction from total possible points if not in own words; 10% deduction if essay does not meet minimum length requirements; 10% deduction if no citation or reference page; 50% deduction if not based on class data.

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