AIDS Treatment and Care

AIDS caused by HIV infections through the transmission of human body liquids. It is recognized now as the most lethal virus in the world. There”s no exact cure for it; drugs (medical treatments), physiotherapy, and the recently developed “Cocktail Treatment” seem to be the choices that a patient can rely on. Even though there are reports that people with HIV infected are being denied medical or surgical treatments either with security reasons or doubts.

One of the most persistent controversies surrounding HIV/AIDS has concerned medical treatment for people with HIV. As hospitals are one of the few occupational settings where there is a risk of HIV transmission, albeit small questions have been raised about infection control, the disclosure of HIV status and whether there is an obligation to provide medical treatments for people with HIV. Increasingly there are reports of people with HIV being denied medical or surgical treatments or being treated less favorably within health care system. Difficult questions have also been raised about access to the new and experimental therapies, many of which are extremely expansive. (1) Self-evaluation is the very first thing that HIV infected patient should do. Know and accept the fact of their illness then medical therapy must follow. The exact cure hasn’t been discovered yet, so in this stage, patients have to rely on different drugs that giving by doctors. This may disadvantage patients who might get unpredictable side effects or infected by other diseases.

In the absence of a definitive cure, drugs which may benefit patients with AIDS should be made available readily and rapidly, in accordance with usual standards for usual new drugs. This would not be done by giving priority to an assessment of drugs used for AIDS treatment, because that would disadvantage patients who would benefit from new drugs for other diseases. (1).

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