ADD/ADHD in pediatrics

ADD/ADHD in pediatrics

Discuss ADD/ADHD in pediatrics

Part 1:

1. Diagnoses to write about is: ADD/ADHD in pediatrics

2. Learn all you can about the diagnosis and disease process to base your assessment on.

3. This part is about education of the patient, parent, or staff you would be working with in a pediatric unit or another pediatric setting.

4. You may do an informative handout for the nurses or a patient teaching plan for the parents.

Part 2:

Write a 250-word APA paper about the disease process or disability you have chosen with at least 2-3 references

Using the nursing process and critical thinking you will create a patient to do an assessment on and complete the forms attached. Do an assessment filling in the form based on what you might find abnormal in your patient who has the disease you have written about.

Use the assessment information provided to determine things you might see that would be affected by the disease process chosen.

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