A Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is just one of several subdivisions of psychology, focusing on mental disorders and emotional instabilities. A clinical psychologist prevents, evaluates, and treats these problems in individuals.

Clinical psychology is an important profession nowadays. Looking back, the thought of school shootings were unthinkable. Back then, the children who exhibited severe emotional/mental problems were identified and referred to for help. Now they are ignored until they come to school with guns and kill people. Then, instead of being seen as a mental health problem, it becomes a legal problem.

Unfortunately, it’s become quite difficult to prosper in this profession. Managed care has cut reimbursement for psychology to such an extent that private practice is becoming almost unfeasible. It is possible, though. Depending on the state, there are licensing requirements. Here in Ohio, that means taking a rigorous exam and having the educational and supervisory requirements. For instance, one will need a Ph.D. and one year of supervised experience before being able to even sit for the exam. It’s difficult to receive a Ph.D. One must graduate college with virtually straight A’s, and then it’s 4-6 years of graduate school. Once the person is finally licensed, they can set up their practice.

The Federal Government recognizes education and experience in certifying applicants for entry-level positions. In general, the starting salary for psychologists having a bachelor’s degree was about $20,600 in 1999; those with superior academic records could begin at $25,500. Psychologists with a master’s degree and 1 year of experience could start at $ 31,200. Psychologists having a Ph.D. or Psy.D. degree and 1 year of internship could start at $37,800, and some individuals with experience could start at $45,200. Beginning salaries were slightly higher in selected areas of the country where the prevailing local pay level was higher.

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