500 Word Sociology Homework

Week 3 (250+ words):
The Forum includes several steps:

• Identify a “different” research problem that would be best studied using a non-probability sample. • Discuss why this research problem is best studied using a non-probability sample, and what type of non-probability sample you would likely use.• Find a peer-reviewed journal article (no more than five years old) related to that research problem.

Discuss the sampling strategy/process used in the article.  What details are included, and what information regarding the sampling was ignored?

Week 4 (250+ words):
After engaging in your own research concerning experimental research (journal article), complete these steps:

• Cite and summarize at least one example of social science research from a peer-reviewed journal  (no more than five years old) that was completed using experimental methods. • Describe the type of design used in the research.• Next, complete the tutorial below.

Tutorial on survey research

• Access the following tutorial site on survey research: http://www.statpac.com/surveys/• Access one of the topics covered in this site and complete the tutorial• Summarize that part of the tutorial.

What did you learn from this site?

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